This Is Terrifying, But Definitely Worth Knowing About…

You'll be shocked at how easy it is for pedophiles to prey on teen girls via social media.

Who is your teen texting? Are they really going out with their ‘friends’ later that evening? It can be difficult in the modern age to parent responsibly and still give your child their space, but as the experiment above shows, there is definite reason adults should be wary of who their child is in contact with.

The experiment above was recorded by Coby Person, a 21-year-old YouTube star who is known for performing pranks. For his latest experiment, Person revealed to the world just how easy it is for pedophiles to prey on teen girls via social media.

As their parents watched on in horror, Coby lured three teen girls, aged 12, 13, and 14, out of their homes by pretending to be a 15-year-old who lived nearby. All of them agreed to meet him when their parents weren’t around.

One walked to a nearby park from her home, another invited him into her home while her parents were sleeping (again, not knowing him and never having met him), and the other willingly climbed into his van.

Before each of the girls unknowingly participated in this prank, Coby asked permission from their parents. The social experiment revealed how easy it can be for pedophiles to prey on young teens, as well as how easy it sometimes can be for young people to blindly trust those they’ve never met.

This video is definitely worth sharing and discussing with your children.

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