This Is How Cannabis Affects Your Body – Depending On How It’s Ingested [Infographic]

Cannabis is an incredibly medicinal plant, but how it’s ingested matters in regards to healing potential.

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Have you heard? The U.S. Cancer Institute now lists cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a potential cure for cancer. Additionally, it is well validated that the oil – comprised of compounds found in the cannabis plant – can help alleviate seizures in kids in adults.

However, one won’t experience these benefits when they smoke cannabis. As Collective Evolution points out, smoking alters the plant molecules. When cannabis is heated and burns, its chemical structure and the acidity of the THC both change. In result, the plant’s therapeutic value decreases.

Similar to smoking cigarettes, inhaling smoke from marijuana can be toxic to the body. It’s worth pointing out, however, that marijuana does help decrease levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. In fact, marijuana has proven to be a beneficial aid for veterans (as well as individuals who have suffered trauma) to combat PTSD.

There’s a lot to learn about cannabis and how one’s body is affected when it is consumed in various ways. The following Infographic offers clarity on this topic and more:


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