This Is How Britain Responded After A Mass Shooting. Surprise? They Haven’t Had One Since

After a horrific shooting took place in 1996, UK lawmakers, a frazzled public, and the media united to prevent another disaster from taking place.

This year alone, three hundred and fifty-five mass shootings have taken place in the United States. The most appalling part? Little to nothing has been done by the U.S. to step up its public policy reform in wake of all the disasters.

Appalled by the devastating reality, Australia’s former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer thinks the U.S. should issue a travel warning so foreigners know what they’re getting into.

Something must be done to address and reduce the attacks happening in the trigger-happy country. Perhaps the U.S. should look to one of its closest allies to see how they responded when a major mass shooting took place in one of its schools.

On March 14, 1996, an unspeakable tragedy hit the small Scottish town of Dunblane, population 8,000. A local scoutmaster, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton, armed himself with a handgun and walked into the gym of the local primary school (kindergarten). Within three minutes, 29 children and their teacher had been gunned down. Hamilton then turned the weapon on himself.

This tragedy of losing sixteen children and their teacher struck the town hard, prompting UK lawmakers (under a Conservative government) to ban handguns across the entire UK. This reform took place within 6 months and included 23 other restrictions that gave Britain some of the toughest gun laws in the world.

With no equivalent to the NRA and no Republican Party, the response was quick.

Reports AddictingInfo: 

“This movement was not partisan between liberals and conservatives – it was accepted as common sense in the pursuit of public safety. The entire political class, the public, and the media united to do everything to make sure the unbearable site of those tiny coffins in Dunblane would never be seen on British soil again.”

So, now you must ask: “How many school shootings have taken place in the UK since 1996?”


When citizens in the UK need a gun, they call a cop – a ‘good guy’ trained to handle the weapon and act for the benefit of all (this is disputable in America).


Credit: UNODC

Even the most Conservative of lawmakers in the UK chose to act in the public interest, not their personal interest, or the private interests of their donors.

This is why 355 mass-shootings have been reported in the US this year, and none in the UK.

Please reconsider what you’re being told about gun control in the United States. It is possible to tamper domestic violence by enforcing stricter laws; gun violence is NOT unavoidable, the UK is proof of that. 

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