This Is How Anti-Gay Leaflets Get Recycled In Ireland (And What Seems To Be A Thumbs Up From Heaven!)

As Ireland recently legalized gay marriage, a rainbow formed over Dublin. Meanwhile, lots of couples were getting married (with very unusual confetti...)

Ireland recently became the first country to ask its people whether it should legalize gay marriage in a national referendum. Being a traditionally Catholic country, the result was expected to be tight, but the nation said?YES?with a?strong voice and gay marriage?was legalized with?62%?of the population?in favor.?

But in the run-up to the referendum last May 23, there was a lot of ugly propaganda being spread by the ‘NO’ campaigners. They printed flyers telling people?that various high profile, sadistic British child sex offenders like Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter were in favor of gay marriage, and made ridiculous claims that gay people contract cancer earlier in their lives. Luckily, a company called?Daintree?thought of a creative way?to deal?with?the haters, and A Shred Of Decency was born.

According to the makers, this is wedding?confetti ‘made from recycled lies’. As their promo video?(above)?explains, “We want to collect any negative and dishonest leaflets, flyers, and online literature, and recycle them into something positive.”?All proceeds from the sale went to the YES equality campaign.?In the run-up to the vote,?so many people- gay and straight- bought the confetti that Daintree sold out of Shred of Decency.

Then, on the day that Ireland voted yes, a beautiful rainbow appeared over Dublin, prompting lots of excited people to get on social media and wonder if it was a YES vote from Jesus. Here’s one image from Flickr user pani.minister:

pani.minister, Flickr CC

pani.minister, Flickr CC

If that wasn’t heart-warming enough, here’s a cute video of people celebrating the Yes vote at Dublin castle,?and we’ll leave you with one of the best gay rights commercials ever…can you imagine asking four million people’s permission to marry the one you love?

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