This Is China’s Method For ‘Treating’ Internet-Addicted Teenagers

In 2008, China declared internet addiction to be a clinical disorder, saying it's a top health threat to its teenagers. This is how they're 'treating' young-adults who over-use the net.

Credit: Techiolobang

Credit: Techiolobang

When it comes to addiction, treating someone for being too dependent upon the internet might seem silly… Yet it’s a concern to pay attention to, as for some teens their obsession with ‘staying connected’ goes far beyond just texting at dinner.

 As the following video shows, debilitating compulsive behavior can be destructive in whatever form it takes, even if its digitally.


In 2008, China declared internet addiction to be a clinical disorder, saying it’s a top health threat to its teenagers. As stated by one of the instructors in the video, teens – and many adults – of today know everything about the internet, but little to nothing about other human beings. This is resulting in an epidemic of loneliness, which most are now seeking remedy for by turning to the internet.

China’s solution is to curb this behavior through a mix of therapy and military drills. The treatment lasts 3-4 months, and as is evident in the video, can be quite intense. Their method (which remains unproven as to how successful it is) is so focused because for many of China’s youth, gaming is taking precedence over living ones life. Instead of getting out and exploring the world, communicating with other people, and developing one’s mind and talents in a variety of ways, growing numbers of children and teens (worldwide, not just in China) are instead glued to television screens and laptop monitors.

Credit: ScopeBlog

Credit: ScopeBlog

At this center, parents are urged to stay at the center and participate in therapy programs. They, too, learn how to best support their child during their rehabilitation from ‘internet addiction.’



How do you know if you – or someone else – is addicted? According to the research cited in this video, those who spend more than 3-6 hours on line for purposes other than work or school are likely addicted.

Can you go 2 days without the internet (if not needed for work)? If not, you may need to re-assess your priorities and contemplate if you have an addiction to being ‘constantly’ connected or not. Take a break! Go camping for a few days, spend more time with loved ones in your life, and ‘tap back into’ the incredible world you’re living in. This is advice everyone can benefit from.


Credit: Resource1.News

In the form of video games and and chat, addiction to the internet is real, and this is China’s harsh method for treating its teens. While it likely would not be accepted in locations like Europe and the US, it’s interesting that action of this sort is being taken to help curb young adults’ over-use of the internet. What are your thoughts on this particular method? Comment below. 

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