This Inspiring 101-Year-Old Just Broke The World Running Record

The centenarian was surprisingly casual about breaking a world record, admitting that she missed her daily nap for the event.

When one breaks a world record, usually, they’re pretty elated about the fact. When 101-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins did just that recently, however, her only comment was that she missed her daily nap.

The Washington Post reports that last Saturday, Hawkins participated in the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama. The senior not only completed the 100-meter dash in 40.2 seconds, she beat the previous world record for women over 100-years-old by six seconds.

That same day, she became the oldest woman to compete in the USA Track and Field Outdoors Master Championships (USATF). And, according to those who met her, she was pretty nonchalant about the whole deal. “[I] missed my nap for this,” she said casually.

The 101-year-old is a widow, proud parent of four children, great-grandma to three youngsters and boasts that she has one great-grandchild. Even though she is technically a centenarian, Hawkins enjoys spending much of her time outdoors, biking, gardening and running. Reportedly, Hawkins decided to enter the track and field competition because she spends so much time outside.

“I’m always outside and the phone always rings, and I come running in is how I knew I could run,” said Hawkins before the event.

She is definitely an inspiration for those who want to be fit and fabulous in their later years. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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