This Gym Is Powered By Solar Energy And Human Kinetic

Eco Gym is powered by its members as they workout and solar energy; members pay less for their membership with each workout.

Credit: Eco Gym

Credit: Eco Gym

Eco Gym is the first 24-hour gym to run based on human kinetic, meaning its members’ workouts, and solar energy. Its aim is to follow a:

“global initiative of global sustainability and Earth friendliness.”

As if this weren’t enough, the gym also provides a huge incentive for members: for every qualified workout session they complete, they pass less for their membership.

That’s right. The more you workout, the less you pay.

Eco Gym has developed an algorithm to determine how much each member contributes to lowering the gym’s electric bill each month each time the member works out.

Those with the “flex rate” membership are given a scanner to track their activity and a session must be 30 minutes long to count as one session that goes towards reducing your payment. If a member records 26 sessions in one month, that entire month is free.

Credit: Active

Credit: Active

That may seem like a lot of working out, but it allows for a few days off each month and even if a member doesn’t make it to 26, each session still reduces their bill.

Eco Gym’s efforts to reduce their own energy costs have immeasurable benefits for the environment. For each kilowatt that they obtain from members working out, one less kilowatt is obtained from power plants that are likely powered by fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are detrimental to Earth’s environment, and our dependence on them must lessen if we wish to combat Earth’s rising temperatures and air, water, and land pollution.

On top of trying to make our planet healthy again, the gym is also working to help its members’ children stay healthy in their daycare program. Rather than watching TV in daycare, the staff will teach your children how to eat healthy and exercise safely while you enjoy your workout.

The gym is also a state of the art facility with entry triggered by biometric fingerprint scanners and facial recognition. This comes in handy because the gym is not staffed throughout the night.

Eco Gym is proving that gyms can be eco-friendly while treating their members well with incentive programs and futuristic features.

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