This Guy Hates ISIS And Karaoke So Much, He Combined Them Into One Hilarious Twitter Feed

Humored activist mocks ISIS by taking the piss out of the terrorist organization…

Credit: @ISIS_Karaoke

Credit: @ISIS_Karaoke

ISIS may have banned music in the areas it controls in Iraq and Syria, but in this Twitter feed, its leaders don’t appear to be adhering to the rule.

On the twitter feed @ISIS_Karaoke, photos of Daesh members speaking into a microphone are captioned with lyrics from popular songs featuring artists such as Brittany Spears and Beyonce.

What results is pretty hilarious:

Some of them, arguably, may have gone a little far…

According to BuzzFeed News, the account was set up by a 32-year-old man named “Jimmy” who hates both ISIS and karaoke.

He says he randomly set up the Twitter account and adds that “Mel Brooks once said something about laughing at the barbaric (in his case the nazis) and I guess that’s all I’m doing really.”

The marriage of the most unlikely combination has found favor amongst fans around the world. Since it launched last August, @ISIS_Karaoke has gathered over 48,000 followers.

Said Jimmy:

“I had no idea it would blow up so quick (no pun intended).”

The activist says he’ll continue posting images onto the account, but warned that “I’ll run out of images of ISIS with mics eventually.” 

This kind of activist might seem silly, but consider its effect on the average individual. Most people are rooted in fear from being bombarded with negativity by mainstream media. 

Being able to laugh at the situation – even if it doesn’t fix it – is a medicine of sorts, as it allows people to ‘take back their power’ and live fully in the present, even if just for today.

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