This Foster Dog Stopped A Burglary And Wound Up Securing His Forever Home

Benny the foster dog secured their home and secured their hearts.

Credit: Nick Franco

Benny?was being beat down daily in an illegal fighting operation when officials busted the heinous group behind the operation and rescued him in Pennsylvania. He wound up in the Pennsylvania SPCA where he was fortunate enough to be fostered by a couple named Nick Franco and Kari McDonald, who had just lost their beloved Labrador, Buddy, in March of this year.

The couple wasn’t ready to take in another dog full-time because of the heartbreak from their loss, but they agreed to foster dogs in an effort to help the many dogs at the local shelter and fill the void in their home. They took in Benny in early November and quickly fell in love, but they made it clear that they were still only going to foster him and not adopt.

Credit: Nick Franco

That is, until they came home one day from an outing together and Benny was acting strangely. When the three of them stepped out of the car, Benny immediately started pulling them towards the door quickly, but the couple didn’t think much of it.

Even when Franco opened the door to their home and something was a bit off, what was happening still didn’t dawn on them.

“We noticed some things were in disarray, but our first thought was we knocked something over as we were leaving,” Franco told The Dodo.?

Benny sniffed the pile of miscellaneous items on the ground and frantically paced around the downstairs rooms, growling the whole time.

“As this is happening, I looked around and realized we had been burglarized,” Franco told The Dodo.

Credit: Nick Franco

Suddenly, the worst case scenario happened: a floorboard from upstairs creaked. Franco and McDonald quickly realized that not only had someone burglarized them but that they were still inside the house. Not knowing whether or not the person was armed was an extreme cause for concern, but Franco remained strong and called up to the intruder.?He yelled, “Get out of my house right now. My dog is going to come upstairs. He’s not happy.”

The intruder swiftly opened an upstairs window, leapt out, and escaped with nothing. After the shock wore off, the pair of people collectively realized something: they absolutely had to adopt Benny, the dog that protected their house and possibly even saved the lives of his foster parents.

Franco said,?”We were already teetering on the edge of adopting him. We both fell in love with him pretty quickly ? second or third day.”

Credit: Nick Franco

So when Benny proved just how loyal of a companion he truly was, the couple opened their home to him. This fostered pit bull mix who had spent the first year of his life as pawn in illegal dog fighting and the next two years in a kennel at the shelter suddenly had a forever home. Franco told the Philadelphia Inquirer,

“We like to think that Buddy sent Benny to us.”

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