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Source: Screenshot from Instagram

Generally, autumn is known for pumpkin carvings, toffee nut lattes, cozy sweaters, and watching the leaves turn from green to orange. And then, there are times when we hear about the cutest pets that look too cozy, it would be impossible not to talk about them during any season.

Here’s Bell, a cat with the fluffiest tail ever seen that you wish you could meet this cutie just to see how soft her tail is. Bell has a lot of friends as her owner keeps canine and feline pets as well, so she’s always surrounded by her numerous furry friends.

Source: Screenshot from Instagram

Bell’s owner with the Instagram handle @ricorico_rico has over 157K followers on Instagram that love seeing his pets’ everyday antics. Bell’s friends are super cute as well, and all their videos playing together could warm any icy heart.

As of now, Bell is three years old in human age, and will be celebrating her 4th birthday this coming May. She is a Napoleon cat, which is also called a Minuet. It’s a mix breed of Persians and Munchkins, which makes her the Cat Emperor of France.

Minuets are characteristically known for their round faces and short legs, all covered in a majestic and dense fur coat. Interestingly enough, Minuets can jump, run and play just as quick as any other type of cat.

Napoleon cats have very few health problems because they were bred to avoid all the health defects that are seen in Persian cats like flattened faces, fur coats that tend to get matted and an excessive formation of tears.

What do you think of Bell? Do you own a Minuet cat? Let us know in the comments below!



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