This Exquisite Hotel In Portugal Doubles As A Library With 50,000 Books

Book lovers, pack your bags! The Literary Man has over 50,000 books — and lavish rooms in which you can read them.

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Pack your bags, book lovers. In the medieval village of Obidos, in Portugal, there is an extravagant hotel that also doubles as a library. The Literary Man has over 50,000 books — and lavish rooms in which you can read them.

Though it was founded in 2015, the Literary Man has already become world-famous as a dream getaway for book enthusiasts. Its collection of literary works is constantly growing, and many are written in English.

Reportedly, books are everywhere inside. Inside The Literary Man’s massive lounge, for instance, or on the bed stands of its 30 bedrooms. There are even books at the hotel’s in-house gin bar and in its old wine cellar. The Daily Mail reports that the 50,000 literally works cover a variety of genres — from romance and science fiction to poetry and cookbooks.

Credit: The Literary Man/Facebook

Those who can only stay a short while are welcome to take a book or two with them, as many of the books are available to purchase. Bring some cash, as some of the really old, rare ones are priced as high as $550. However, most visitors prefer to leave books rather than take them, according to the hotel.

Credit: The Literary Man/Facebook

A representative of The Literary Man said, “Our guests love to bring their own books to add to our collections, and the ones that don’t have books with them usually send them later in form of a donation. Reportedly, the book collection is growing at such a fast pace, it will soon reach 100,000 books!

While The Literary Man is not the first book-centric hotel in the world, it certainly is alluring. There is a similar hotel in New York — called the Library Hotel, and it features around 6,000 books. And in Portland, Oregon, visitors have access to 3,000 books at The Nines. In Tokyo, Japan, book lovers can stay at the Book and Bed hotel.

Credit: The Literary Man/Facebook

Ready to travel? A one-night stay costs approximately $90. Watch the video below to learn more:

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