This Dolphin Was Stolen From The Ocean And Forced To Live In A Filthy Tank

The albino dolphin was taken from her mother during the annual Taiji hunt.

Credit: Australia for Dolphins

A dolphin has been trapped in a filthy tank for over two years after being stolen from the ocean and her family in an annual dolphin hunt. The dolphin’s name is Angel and she is currently being kept in captivity in a museum in Japan. The Taiji Whale Museum is known for keeping dolphins that have been caught in Taiji’s annual hunt and is just around the corner from the Cove where this takes place.

The dolphin, who is believed to be an albino dolphin, swims around with her eyes closed most of the time, which reports have suggested is due to the excessive amount of chlorine in her tank, according to a report by The Dodo. Visitors to the museum have even commented on the overpowering smell of chlorine as visitors walk through the buildings. Despite the amount of harmful chemicals being used, the tank is filthy, with photos and video footage showing Angel swimming around in brown, murky water with her eyes tightly shut.

Angel shares the tank with five other dolphins who were also snatched away from their mothers when they were young, during the dolphin hunt. Angel has gone from a life of freedom in the ocean with her mother, to one of cruelty in captivity where she has nothing to do all day but swim around in circles. The tank that Angel is kept in also has a plastic tube running through it which is a walkway for visitors to the museum. The tube, which allows visitors to walk through the tank, has made Angel’s home even smaller, with less space for her to move around in. In the wild, Angel may have swum around 100 kilometers (62 miles) each day, but now all she can do is swim in circles in the cramped tank, trying not to hit the edges and hurt herself.

Graham Henry, the campaign coordinator for Sea Shepherd said, “Angel and the dolphins in the same tank are in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen for captive dolphins.” Young dolphins that are deemed ‘pretty enough’ are captured during the annual hunt whilst the remaining dolphins that did not make the cut into captivity are killed for their meat. From there they can be sold for over $100,000. The young dolphins are already seriously troubled when they are brought to the aquarium after going through the traumatic experience of being surrounded by hunters and ripped away from their mother’s side, before seeing and hearing their family, who are not deemed ‘good enough’ to earn a big profit from being sold, being brutally slaughtered. From there they are likely to continue to suffer from high levels of stress after being taken away from their family and their freedom.

Visit this website to help stop the annual dolphin hunts in Taiji, whilst also pledging not to visit these facilities were animals are put in horrific conditions.

Dolphin Taken From Her Family Is Forced To Live In Filthy Tank

This dolphin lives in a tank so dirty it's black.

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