This Disgusts Me!!! Would You Stop To Help This Woman?!

Domestic violence is a very serious problem that gets very little attention. Not many people talk about it… and even fewer people do something about it. You may say you would stop someone abusing their partner in public, but when it comes down to it, very few people would actually get involved.

In this disturbing video, actors portray a couple that is arguing on a busy street. The man gets physical with the woman, while a hidden cameraman captures and counts how many people actually stop to help the woman in need. About half of the people passing by turning their heads and notice, but shockingly 80% of passerby do not stop to try and help… and only 2 people of the 20 people that pass by do something to stop the man.

It’s important that EVERYONE sees this video, so we can remember to always say something… even if the situation looks dangerous. Please SHARE this video to help raise awareness for this terrible crime.




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