This Damning Video Is Capable Of Destroying Donald Trump’s Campaign [Watch]

This twelve-minute video compilation gives an interesting overview of Trump’s many changing faces and contradictory political positions.


Who is Donald Trump, and what ideals does he really support?

While the presidential candidate nominee has won over a large percent of America with his outlandish ideas (like building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to stop illegal immigration), it seems most of what he proclaims, upon inspection, is actually a farce.

The video above, published by the non-profit foundation One World Voice, highlights the many faces of Donald Trump as well as his shifting political views.

From saying he supports his friends (citing Bill and Hillary Clinton as such) and then slandering them on live television, to saying he’s for gun control (then later changing his position to run for president), it seems the narcissist can’t even keep his own ‘truths’ straight.

Trump being a liar isn’t anything new, however. As was recently reported, when Politifact fact-checked Trump’s many statements, it was found that only 7% of what the presidential candidate nominee spouts is actually true.

In addition, Trump is a known con man, as Addicting Info reports. He’s been sued for fraud over everything from bogus real estate deals to his sham school, formerly known as Donald Trump University.

Is this really the man Americans believe can successfully transform the United States?

We’ll let you form your own opinion after watching the video above.

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