This County Completely Banned GMO Crops. Here’s Why That Matters For The Environment.

no-monsantoOregon’s Jackson County is the latest county in the U.S. that has banned the growing of GMOs. This came into effect on June 5th, following the dismissal of a lawsuit by farmers looking to overturn the GMO ban. Jackson follow suit of the county-wide restrictions in neighboring states California and Washington and also took the wise decision to ban GMOs.

As we have been reporting recently, the movement against GMO’s is growing rapidly and causing a steady decline in profits and sales for the biotech industry. Companies like Monsanto have even been caught hiring people to discredit activists, because so many people are beginning to reject their products.

According to Thinking Progress: The ordinance restricts the cultivation of GMO plants. Its activation — and the lawsuit’s partial dismissal — is good news for family farmers and environmental, health, and social justice activists, who pushed for the ban. The grassroots-level ballot measure cited the untested health effects of GMOs, the economic effects of mega-GMO seed companies on local organic farmers, and the unknown long-term environmental effects of GMOs as reasons to support the county-wide ban.

The long term effects of GMOs on agricultural health and environmental well-being were among the biggest concerns raised by anti-GMO activists.

GMOs are often paired with significant levels of herbicides and pesticides, which have been linked to soil damage and decreasing levels of soil fertility. Human health is also a concern with some of these pesticides and herbicides — the most popular pesticide in the U.S., Monsanto’s Roundup, has an active ingredient that “probably” causes cancer, according to the World Health Organization (a claim that Monsanto disputes).

It seems that the contamination of non-GMO crops was one of the biggest concerns for local farmers, saying to could lose their export opportunities.

Primatologist Jane Goodall also recently raised concerns about GMOs at a recent event. During her talk, Goodall came out in full opposition of genetically modified organisms and crops.

“We’re poisoning the land, we’re poisoning animals, and I truly believe we’re poisoning ourselves. Have we been affected? What about the rise of certain illnesses and complaints in the human community, what about the increase in allergies, what about the increase of some kinds of mental disorders?Goodall said.

Whats your take on the GMO debate?  Do you think GMO’s are harmless or should they be banned world wide?

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