This Company Is Developing The World’s First Adult ‘Service’ Droid

The innovation is both applaudable and risqué.

Credit: Arlan Robotics

Blow up dolls and fleshlights are nothing new, but a robot just for adults — yes, you know what we mean — definitely is. Such is exactly what the company Arlan Robotics is developing for entertainment purposes.

The Service Droid is now a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo and is as risqué as you might think. Developed by an engineer, the droid was created out of sheer curiosity — as well as the fact that there are few quality male “toys” on the market.

Its creator wrote on IndieGoGo, “Using my engineering degree background it became obvious there was definite room for improvement in this market and fantastic opportunity to not just raise the bar, but launch it miles high.”

The founder goes into great detail explaining the procedure for creating the “perfect” adult toy, which you can read all about here. So far, 52% of the company’s goal has been raised for the “first robotic droid sex toy capable of recreating intimate human oral interaction.”

Following is a video detailing the concept (NSFW):

While the engineering aspect of the innovation is intriguing, it is pertinent to note that in many cultures — particularly the Japanese — it is becoming less common for young adults to engage in relationships of any kind — particularly long-term. The following documentary, “No sex please, we’re Japanese” sheds light on the phenomena of desiring to be in a “relationship” with a bot rather than another human being.

No Sex Please, We’re Japanese (Documentary) by vlad_papu

This shift deserves acknowledgment and will undoubtedly be studied more as it ties in directly to the collective consciousness as well as individuals’ personal experiences which are prompting some to shy away from human interaction.

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