This Comic Perfectly Conveys How Sexism Hurts Both Men And Women

A 25-year-old artist created a comic to explain how feminism is a gift to both men and women.


True feminism acknowledges that both men and women are equal, and that when both sexes are treated equally, positive change can ensue. Unfortunately, not everyone is in favor of gender equality, and that’s likely why student Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree last year after a woman reportedly rejected his sexual advances.

Rodger’s inability to accept that every individual has a right to stand up for themselves and deny unwarranted romantic advances resulted in 6 people being killed and 13 being injured. Distraught by this reality, 25-year-old artist Rasenth decided to illustrate a comic showing the detrimental effects of sexism.

Rasenth told The Huffington Post: 

“I was angered by the Elliot Rodger incident and how he was aggravated by his hatred towards women. The comments he made about women, I thought, were very common complaints lodged against women that people say and think everyday and yet these feelings led up to murder. I just wanted people to notice how our unconscious double standards are hurting ourselves and each other.”

Check out the full, eye-opening comic below:










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