This City Opened Public Restroom Facilities To Help The Homeless [Watch]

The Pit Stop aims to provide access to a safe and clean bathroom for those who need it.



If you?ve ever toured around a busy city, such as New York or even Sacramento, you likely had trouble finding a restroom to use. Imagine what individuals who cannot afford to venture into a store and purchase something (in exchange for using restroom facilities) might endure when living on the street, then.

To confront this conundrum and remedy the issue, city and community leaders in Sacramento, California, worked together to produce?mobile restroom facilities for all to use.

Called the Pit Stop, the pilot program aims to provide access to a safe and clean bathroom for anyone who might need it. An attendant will staff the pit stop to ensure that all facilities are well-maintained. Best of all, no hoops will have to be jumped through for passersby to use the toilets.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that the Pit Stop facility is located at Ahern Street, between North A and North B streets in Sacramento. In addition to toilets and sinks, needle receptacles and dog waste stations are available for public use. The restrooms are open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Council member Jeff Harris explains the necessity of free restroom facilities:

?The people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento have limited access to toilets and lavatories. As we work towards more permanent solutions to end homelessness in our City, this program is complementary in that it addresses an urgent need.?

Reportedly, Harris partnered with FAS Services, a San Francisco-based organization that provides staffing and facilitation of the attended restrooms. It was his efforts, campaigning for $100,000, that helped make the vision a reality.

As the Pit Stop is used, data will be recorded so the city might discern how best to address the homelessness issue in nearby areas. At present, the Pit Stop program is already gaining success in San Francisco, where dozens are set up.

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