This City Is Offering A Workshop On How To Raise Backyard Chickens

A Californian city will be teaching residents how to properly house and care for the birds, follow zoning laws, adhere to legal mandates, and more.


There are numerous benefits to raising chickens in one’s own backyard – regardless if they live on a farm or in the city. For one, the caretaker is supplied with free eggs that are oftentimes superior to store-bought eggs in both nutrition and flavor. Secondly, they are provided with a natural pest control as chickens enjoy pecking around gardens in search of bugs.

Because there is a multitude of benefits to raising chickens, especially in urban environments, the city of Berkeley, California, is hosting a free workshop on April 23rd about how to raise the foul in a backyard.

The Berkeley Animal Care center will be instructing participants on how to construct a suitable coop, care for the birds, follow zoning laws, adhere to legal mandates and interact with the birds in a healthy way.

This is an exciting opportunity that will hopefully spread elsewhere, as backyard chicken coops ensure fewer birds are inhumanely raised in factory conditions. Additionally, it teaches the importance of sustainable living and is assisting consumers to become more self-sufficient.

If you’d like to sign up for the class, RSVP here as spots are filling up fast! What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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