This ?Bud And Breakfast? Offers Tourists The Ultimate Colorado Experience

This B&B promises to "keep the bowl burning for you.? Is this your next ?bake-cation'?


Credit: Bud+Breakfast

Since cannabis was legalized in Colorado, millions of people have flocked to the state to legally smoke marijuana for recreational purposes. Some have stayed and made the ?Centennial State? their home, while others visit occasionally to enjoy its great offerings. One specific establishment attracting visitors to Colorado is the Bud+Breakfast.

Because toking in public is still illegal, the Bud+Breakfast prides itself on being a ?marijuana safe haven?. Residents can literally arise to a ?Wake and Bake’ breakfast, then enjoy numerous outdoor activities, including tubing, horseback riding, yoga, hiking, and playing with animals.

There?s even a 420 Happy Hour for tourists to socialize and toke, and in the evening, treats that are sure to inspire the munchies are passed out.

The stigma surrounding marijuana has lessened in recent years for a number of reasons. Not only does hemp have a multitude of uses – from industrial purposes to clothing to revitalizing soil, it is far safer than alcohol. In fact, 0 people die from marijuana overdose each year. For these reasons and more, many states are moving to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Will B&Bs like this soon become the norm?


The establishment?s website informs:

?Bud+Breakfast??is the premier cannabis-friendly lodging and hospitality company in the United States. We provide luxury accommodations in safe, comfortable, and social environments, and our high standards in quality, education and hospitality consistently exceed our guests? expectations

Whether you stay with us in Denver, Silverthorne, Parshall or Colorado Springs, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.?

Is this your next ?bake-cation??

Yes, There's Such Thing As a Marijuana Resort

This cannabis-friendly resort is turning bed and breakfast into ?bud and breakfast?

Posted by NowThis Weed on Monday, August 15, 2016

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