This Beatiful Product Will Single-Handedly Transform Your Loved One’s Ashes Into A Tree

The Bios Incube will incubate a tree made from your loved one's ashes to show that there is life after life.

Credit: Urna Bios

Credit: Urna Bios

You may have heard of the Bios Urn, a biodegradable product that allows people to transform their loved one’s ashes into trees as an alternative to the traditional burial in a cemetery. Now meet the Bios Urn’s intuitive companion, the Bios Incube. The Bios Incube is an incubator for the tree that your Bios Urn is growing and allows for city dwellers to have an intimate role in the development of their loved one’s tree growth.

In a nutshell, the Bios Incube takes care of your tree by watering it as needed and letting you know through a paired app if any conditions need to be changed, such as the temperature or humidity of the room. A custom sensor is placed on top of the soil where your tree will grow that measures soil moisture, electric conductivity, light exposure, and more to help your tree flourish. This product is perfect for those that aren’t able to return regularly to the site of their Bios Urn to monitor and help the development of their tree outside. It caters especially to those living in the city who want to be an integral part of the tree’s first sprouts and those who don’t know much about a growing tree’s upkeep.

Credit: Urna Bios

Credit: Urna Bios

The Bios Incube is designed to work by itself and lets you know when your interference is needed, such as when to move the plant or when upcoming weather changes near you could affect the vitality of the plant. It ensures the success of your plant and guarantees that your loved one’s afterlife is lively. The Incube itself has a sleek and polished design that fits into any home environment for maximized comfortability and adaptability of the tree in your space.

Not only is the Bios Incube a beautiful idea for those looking for a more meaningful afterlife, but it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The creators originally designed the Bios Urn on

“the idea to convert cemeteries into forests.”

Once the Bios Incube has successfully incubated the tree into maturity, you can go out and replant it wherever in order to watch your tree and loved one continue to thrive. Since the Bios Urn inside of it is already biodegradable, it will continue to degrade naturally into the soil without harming the environment. This is a much more sustainable method of burial than cemeteries, which take up a lot of natural space while placing non-biodegradable coffins into the ground. Instead, your loved one can become a meaningful part of nature that contributes positively to the environment while still providing a resting place for family and friends to visit and pay their respects.

In the words of the creators,

“Bios Incube changes the way people see death, converting the ‘end of life’ into a transformation and a return to life through nature. [It is] a smart, sustainable, and ecologically friendly way to approach what’s, probably, one of the most important moments in human life.”

Credit: Urna Bios

Credit: Urna Bios

The goal of the Bios Incube and Bios Urn are to make it possible for there to be “life after life,” which is a beautiful idea that needs a little support to help bring the design to the market. If you are interested in contributing to the design or securing your Bios Incube once it has been manufactured, you can donate to the Kickstarter campaign here. Watch the moving video below to get a better idea of what the Bios Incube is all about.

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