This Bakery Was Bullied To Make Anti-Gay Cakes, So They Finally Gave In. But You?ll Love The Reason Why.

These owners decided SHOULD anyone order a 'hate cake', all profits from the creation will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign.

Credit: Enchanting Creations

Credit: Enchanting Creations

Enchanted Bakery is a sweet (pun intended), small business situated in the heart of Miami Shores, population 10,000. Located north of Miami city, the establishment has been catering to a variety of clientele, young and old, since 2007.

But as gay-rights issues have heated up in the States, owners Alex and Karen Matamoros have recently found their shop to be the target of unexpected harassment. Especially in the past few months, the bakery has been bullied by anti-gay rights activists seeking to place orders for cakes with anti-gay sayings and messages on them as a way to ?trap? the store into making a tough business and moral decision. Such calls have been numerous and unwelcome, yet none have actually been carried through with.

Credit: Democratic Underground

Credit: Democratic Underground

But last week, in between the task of creating wedding cakes and scrumptious cupcakes, the owners finally had enough. They decided that should someone actually order a ‘hate cake’, they will will not profit from discrimination and will donate whatever profits they make?to the Human Rights Campaign.

Here?s the statement they posted on their website:

?We believe that no one should ever be refused service – opposing discrimination by practicing it is not the answer. The only way to uphold our integrity as a company, and to maintain any hope of an eventual triumph over bigotry and discrimination, is to act in accordance with this belief.?

We will not discriminate against potential customers, not even against those whose beliefs directly contract our own – if the request is protected by the First Amendment we will honor it. This issue isn?t about approval; it?s about respect.?

That said, so far these inquiries have amounted to nothing more than trolling; we have yet to receive a serious order. However, should the day come when an actual order is placed and paid for, we will not profit from discrimination.?

Today we pledge that any profits we generate from the sale of a cake intended to discriminate against same-sex couples will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, an organization who continues to fight for LGBT Equality.?

What a perfect solution to the bullying: forward the funds from haters to support a campaign they so openly detest.

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