This Amazing Black Woman Confronted Neo-Nazis And The KKK. What Happens Next Is Inspirational.

They called her a ´hybrid´ and told her to back to Africa. But her calm response to their shocking bigotry changed everything.

What happens when nasty racists have their motives questioned by ´the enemy´? Something amazing.This excerpt from a BBC documentary called Confronting Racism Face-to-Face features a gutsy mixed race journalist who shows incredible bravery (and compassion) when dealing with intimidating bigots who most of us would cross the street to avoid.  In her native Germany, she asks Neo-Nazi skinheads what they are demonstrating against. At first, they ignore her, turn their backs or tell her to leave. But she refuses, and asks them intelligent questions that make them cringe with embarrassment at their own beliefs. She smiles at them. Her calm and collected manner makes them look more ridiculous than ever, and she shows them that their ´enemy´is also a human being- something most of these racist idiots hadn´t realized until now.

This inspirational woman then travels to the USA, and makes a guy in a KKK costume so uncomfortable that he claims “I´m not racist”.  She even gets a hug from one lifelong bigot, and in the end, she makes friends- yes, friends- with a young skinhead, leaving us with a surprising fact about her white grandmother. This ballsy, amazing woman will have you cheering her on from your armchair.

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