This Activist Gifts Kids Free Ice Cream For Answering History Or Math Questions

The “Creamcycle Dude” felt bad when kids in under-served neighborhoods couldn’t afford ice cream, so began gifting it for free in exchange for an answer to a history or math question. Now, he’s paying forward the donation of others in a truly delicious way.

Credit: Buffalo News

Credit: Buffalo News

James Karagiannis isn’t like most activists. He doesn’t spend his days volunteering in animal shelters or free clinics. Instead, he inspires kids and adults on the daily with his unique approach to charity.

The “Creamcycle Dude,” as he’s called, can be found on the streets in Buffalo, NY, selling frozen treats for $1. He began giving free ice cream to kids who can answer a simple math or history question after he felt bad that kids from under-served neighborhoods can rarely afford the treats.

He had no idea that his efforts would garner nationwide attention – or support from others, but that’s exactly what happened. After Buffalo News shared his commendable philanthropy, his story went viral on Reddit and news stations began contacting him from all over.


Credit: Buffalo News

In effect, people began sending money to pay for the treats the Creamcycle Dude gives away. So far, he’s raised over $6,000 – far more than the $400 or $500 he had initially hoped for.

He told the press:

“I’m terrified to look. That’s a lot of ice cream to give out.”

To thank the compassionate donors, the Dude has begun asking the kids who received the free treats to create ‘thank you’ letters.


Credit: Buffalo News

Karagiannis intends to use any leftover money for youth programs in the community.

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