This 25-Year-Old Democrat Is Running For Congress With Less Than $65,000

Alex Law, a 25-year-old from New Jersey, is running for a congressional seat with under $65,000 raised purely through grassroots efforts.

Credit: Law2016

Credit: Law2016

Alex Law from New Jersey is hoping to win a congressional seat while running on less than $65,000 raised through grassroots efforts.

Does this goal sound familiar? It should, if you know what Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign is all about. Rather than lobbying Super PACs and rich people to donate to his campaign, Sanders and now Law are instead appealing to actual voters to raise funds so that they aren’t owned by corrupt interest groups once they’re elected.

Law is a business school graduate from NYU Stern and plans to use his finance education to aid in managing his campaign. He was a strategy consultant for IBM and quit his job to begin his campaign, which has been his sole focus for the past year.

He’s running against incumbent Donald Norcross who is a notorious member of what has been dubbed the “Norcross political machine.” In short, Donald and his two brothers, George and Phil, all have a vested interest in making money through campaign donations, shady business ventures, and making other politicians and businesspeople pay the machine for their support, all while stifling democracy.

Alex Law wants to see this political machine come to an end by not only challenging the Norcross brothers and winning Donald’s seat but also by taking his campaign straight to the people and collecting donations from real voters.

Credit: Law2016

Credit: Law2016

Though his age would normally be demonized because many non-millennial people criticize millennials for being lazy, entitled, or dreamers, Law is proud of being born in 1991 and touts it as a strength in his campaign.

“People are excited to see a new generation—portrayed by the media as one that doesn’t really care about government and politics—wanting to step up and address our country’s challenges,” Law told Fusion.

Indeed his age does seem to be a virtue in his campaign because the issues he is addressing, such as LGBTQ rights, student loan forgiveness, and healthcare reform, are stereotypical millennial political beliefs and could aid Law in this revolutionary election.

Despite appealing to this new and formidable generation of voters, Law also wants to gain support from other age groups as well. He said,

“We’ve gotten some of our most ardent support from baby boomers.”

The 25-year-old explained in a video about his campaign:

“As soon as we win this election and prove that it works, we are going to teach people, young, middle-aged, old, whoever, that feel that they have been priced out of our democracy how to win a congressional seat for less than $65,000.”

Considering who this young man is running against, he certainly has a huge challenge ahead of him but he and his team are determined to reach as many as they can and show that democracy can be restored by keeping corporations and big money out of politics. He told Fusion:

“Our democracy is for sale, and it’s being bought by corporations and very wealthy individuals that play by a different set of rules than everybody else.”

At this point in Law’s campaign, he boasts that he and 130 volunteers have knocked on over 65,000 doors and made 40,000 phone calls to raise money from people who want to send a message saying “enough is enough.” Their donation contributes to a campaign based on integrity and honesty, rather than corporate interests and lies.

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