This 24-Year-Old Just Announced Her Bid To Run For Congress

This impressive 24-year-old just announced that she is running for Congress, but this isn't the first impressive feat she's known for.

Credit: Women's Health Mag

Credit: Women’s Health Magazine

Erin Schrode, a 24-year-old environmental activist, has announced her bid to run for Congress in California’s 2nd District, which is her hometown of Marin County.

Though it’s already impressive that a 24-year-old would run for and could win a spot in the U.S. House of Representatives, Schrode is no stranger to impressive accomplishments in her young life. 

Most people’s careers begin when they graduate college if they’re lucky; many people work and wait for years before they start their dream job, if ever. For Schrode, her first huge step in the eco-conscious direction she wanted to take began when she was 13 years old and became a co-founder for a non-profit organization called Turning Green. The organization began as a platform to question the use of certain ingredients in cosmetics and offer greener alternatives, and has transformed into a guide to becoming more eco-conscious when engaging in everyday activities and occasions.

Schrode has become a “leading voice for over a decade,” and has since been a consultant for many corporations and organizations, such as Apple, IKEA, and the U.S. State Department. She travels internationally to speak at conferences and has been interviewed and dubbed as an expert by the New York Times, CNN, National Geographic, and many other publications.

Credit: Earth Echo

Credit: Earth Echo

Her focus isn’t just on being environmentally-conscious, however, as she has also been described as a vocal advocate for social justice and public health. Her time working in Haiti to aid in disaster relief and in Lesvos, Greece to help Syrian refugees with safe passage is evidence of her tireless efforts to make the world a better place.

As for the platform she’s running on, some of her stated goals are paid leaves, equal pay, access to reproductive health.

She also stated,

“We think of politicians as a different breed of human and one of the goals of our campaign is to expand the definition of politician. Expand the definition of who can run. Make running mean something.”

The minimum age to be a member of the House is 25 years old—luckily, her birthday is next month.

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