This 15-Year-Old Built A $56,000-A-Year Empire Selling Sweets In A Boy’s Bathroom

Until the school shut down his operation, the young man and 11 of his "employees" were raking in about $300 a day.

Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Meet Nathan John-Baptise, otherwise known as the Wolf of Walthamstow. A 15-year-old who attends school in north London, Nathan recently made the news for creating a $56,000-a-year business by selling fizzy drinks and snacks out of a boy’s restroom.

The Daily Mail reports that Nathan got in the business of satiating students’ sweet cravings after hearing a talk from a millionaire about keeping on the right path. He says he learned how to make money and how to work hard, and created his empire with just £5 (~$7 USD). With the help of 11 “employees” across three schools, he started selling enough chocolate bars and sugary drinks to rake in over £934 ($1.2k USD) a week — or £230 (~ $300 USD) every day.

The Wolf of Walthamstow started gaining clientele by posting his daily “menu” on Snapchat. He would then take orders and make exchanges at lunch time each school day. Most products were sold at about 50 pence (cents) a piece, a deep discount against store prices. As his customer base grew, he started making enough to afford deluxe suits, lavish dinners out, and trips to the top of the Shard (the UK’s tallest building).

Had the entrepreneurial teen’s operation not been shut down, he would have brought in £43k, or around $56,000, by the end of the school year. As it turns out, the school staff found out about his sideline business and promptly put an end to it. Dismayed but not discouraged, the teen is now intent on creating another empire in the future — this time, hopefully, a sanctioned one.

“I did my punishment in the isolation room for a couple of days,” he said. “So I’ll start investing in different things – I can’t sell sweets for the rest of my life.”

“I would like to become a stock broker – that’s one place where I want to put my money – and in property, 100 per cent,” said the teen. “The plan is to become a millionaire. It’s just about the hard work.”

By the looks of it, Nathan is well on his way to achieving that dream.

Meet Nathan John-Baptiste, a 15-year-old entrepreneur who attends school in north London

Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

The teenager was raking in nearly $300 a day selling sweets and fizzy drinks out of a school bathroom

Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

He built his customer base by posting a daily “menu” to Snapchat

Known as the “Wolf of Walthamstow,” Nathan was on his way to making over $56k a year

Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

That was, until the school shut down his operation

Credit: Nathan-John Baptiste

Dismayed but not deterred, the 15-year-old now intends on becoming a stock broker to afford a lavish lifestyle in the future

Credit: Nathan-John Baptiste

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