This 13-Year-Old Activist Helps The Homeless By Organizing Nights Of Fun

Caleb White?s philanthropic activities began when he was just six years old. Now a young teen, he organizes nights of fun for some of Detroit?s homeless population.

There are many remarkable young people investing their time and talents to help others in this world. From 9-year-old Hailey Fort who builds tiny homes for the homeless to Dusty Liulay?who feeds about 100 homeless people per week in Portland, Oregon, they and their tales are beyond inspiring.

Another young activist whose story is worth sharing is Caleb White from Detroit, Michigan.

When White was just six years old, he began handing out Christmas packages of food and toiletries to the homeless. As he?s grown, his philanthropic efforts have evolved.

Now thirteen-years-old, Caleb is in charge of hosting monthly game nights in his city?s shelters. White prepares the fun by setting out board games (like Operation), pizza, and soda for the area?s women and children.



?I love it. The kids love him,? said Kisha Woods-Mathis, director of the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Genesis House II, which provides transitional housing and employment and educational services to women and children in need.

As the video above shares, game night is about offering an evening of fun and relaxation to those who need it most.?

Undoubtedly, White?s inspired efforts have brightened many peoples? lives. Learn more by visiting the CalebWhiteProject.

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