This 100-Year Old Saint Challenges the Modern World


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By: Amanda Froelich,

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Monetary donation is not the only way to change the world; but because such valued currency is essential to some extent, its importance cannot be discounted, either. However, this modern-day saint is an example of how loving service can and should be the underlying focus when seeking to positively impact the lives of others.

This almost 100-year old man, Dobri Dobrev, has spent decades traveling 25 kilometers from his village to the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, on foot every day to beg for money – but not for the reason you might think!

Dressed in home-made clothes and leather shoes, the humble World War veteran spends his day asking for change to donate to churches. While Dobrev survives on less than $100 US dollars per month, he has been able to collect almost 40,000 Euros over the years of begging for financial assistance.

Dobri does not keep one cent of the money he receives; instead, he channels the kind-heartedness of people into centers caring for those in need of rest and spiritual nourishment.  Some people call him the “Saint of Baylovo,” after his place of birth.

By acting on what he feels to be the best way to make a difference in the lives of those he cares about, he has been able to serve as inspiration for the entire world and nurture countless souls.

Dobri Dobrev, or oftentimes called “Dyado Dobri” (Grandpa Dobri), represents a good that can be done in the most selfless way possible. It is clear that to make a difference, there are no rules or limitations. The only necessity is a kindness to serve others, and an open-ness to benefit from the gift of sharing pure love.

Because the current world operates on a green bill currency, donating cash is seen as the best way to contribute to change and help others. But often overlooked is the capacity to change lives just by being the example one wishes to see in the world.

Every individual has the opportunity and heart to positively influence lives like Dobri Dobrev. What matters most is the question of “Who will now act upon it?”


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