These States Serve McDonald’s In Their Hospitals [Infographic]

Credit: RealDietitian

Credit: RealDietitian

We’re not kidding. After you recover from your open heart surgery, you can go downstairs to the in-hospital McDonald’s and get yourself a double cheeseburger, large coke, and fries.

Forget the fact that sugar-laden, processed, antibiotic-containing, and hormone-raised food likely contributed to your disease of affluence, you’re satiated and well on your way to contracting one more debilitating – and life-threatening – illness.

But apparently that’s what will happen when fast food joints are allowed to merge with supposed ‘health care’ facilities and hospitals.

Understandably, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is anything but impressed by this, so they created the following map, which shows the US hospitals with fast-food chains inside them:

Credit: PCRM

Credit: PCRM

Of the 208 hospitals (most of them public) that PCRM investigated in its report, 43 had fast-food chains within their walls – mostly McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Chick-Fil-A.

PCRM staff dietitian Cameron Wells told Mother Jones that some of these french-frying joints have contracts that require them to give a certain percentage of their profits to their hospitals. This means that “the more unhealthful food the restaurant sells to patients and their families, the richer the hospital gets.” 

According to the report, six of the fast-food-serving facilities they found were children’s hospitals. In fact, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia actually offers “McDelivery,” which allows patients to get McDonald’s delivered right to their beds.

Said Wells, “Seeing this in a chldren’s hospital – that’s the most vulnerable population. Fast food is not going to help children get better.”

Credit: Salon

Credit: Salon

And any informed adult would agree. Just as cigarettes are banned from hospitals, so too should the junk food that is likely contributing to – if not causing – people’s medical problems.

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