These Posters Will Make You Rethink Your Next Purchase

We buy, the sea pays ! Let’s change the way we consume.

This organization has a simple message about consumerism: “You buy, the sea pays.” ?The latest campaign from Surfrider is highlighting how our decisions as consumers are affecting the environment.

According to their press release,?Indeed Surfrider will be providing organisers with pedagogical tools specifically designed to raise awareness using four emblematic types of litter. Various statistics based, among others, upon the litter collected over the 2014 Ocean Initiatives, have shown that these 4 types of waste are as commonly found on the coastline as in our daily lives.

Thus cigarette butts, food packages, cotton swabs and plastic microbeads from cosmetics will be brought forward in the 2015 campaign to highlight this fundamental fact: just like them, the vast majority of the trash that pollutes our oceans comes from the continent.

26 million tons of plastic packaging waste ends up in the oceans each year.


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