These Kids Were Asked What They Really Want For Christmas. Their Answers Will Make You Reach For A Hanky

Who knew Santa was this insignificant?

When this group of kids were asked to write to Santa, they rushed straight in with a long list of toys. But when they were asked to write another letter to their parents, they thought about it a lot harder…and made their parents cry.

“I want us to be together one whole day,” one kid writes, while another asks his parents to “read him a story”. One child just wants tickles, and another “would like to play cowboys” with his mum. She breaks down in tears while reading this adorable letter, as does everyone else.

It turns out we had it all wrong. Kids don’t care so much about toys, after all. As one mother admits philosophically, spending a fortune on bits of plastic are really just guilty attempts to fill a gap caused by being a working (absent) parent. But are all those toys really necessary? We’ll let the kids answer that one at the end of the clip.

It’s a moving experiment with a powerful message, please share it with any parents who might feel stressed about finding the cash for all the kids’ Christmas presents this year. Maybe it’s not as important to them as you thought.

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