These Gorillas Can Beat You At Your Selfie Game As They Pose With Anti-Poaching Rangers

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Taking a selfie requires a lot of skill from the photographer. From taking it at the right angle, making sure the light is on point and posing correctly: all these factors are needed to take the perfect selfie. Well, check out these gorillas over at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They might put all your selfie talents to shame!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Virunga National Park is located in the lush forestry of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the recent years, they have been going through a military turmoil that has left this region very vulnerable to war, sieges and illegal poaching activities. Thankfully, over 600 rangers have teamed up to save and protect all the gorillas living here.

These self voluntary rangers have trained themselves with special fighting skills, as well as preparation in case of any emergency situation. They make sure that all the members of the gorilla family are safe and secure in their habitat, including the endangered species of Mountain Gorillas.

Even if it may seem that the ranger’s job is quite dangerous, they still have some downtime to play around with the resident of the National Park.

Check out some photos to see how the average workday of a ranger looks like:

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Two of the most lively and friendly gorillas living in the park are named Ndakasi and Matabishi. A fellow ranger took this selfie with the two playful gorillas flexing their muscles in the background. They had a very fitting title for this photo: “Another day at the Office.”

Another photo that is titled “Family Portrait” shows fellow ranger Patrick Sadiki with the two gorillas in a ‘self-we.’

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These rangers love their job, and taking care of these amazing creatures that show them so much affection when their work is done. A huge applause to those that risk their lives in order to fight for the protection of not only humans, but also animals that are living in this world.


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