These Foods Magically Regrow Themselves From Kitchen Scraps [Infographic]

Don't throw your scraps away - grow them and save on grocery costs!

Credit: Cooking Stoned

Credit: Cooking Stoned

Seeking to cut grocery costs but still desire to get healthy? Look no further than the following infographic produced in partnership by Whole Foods and Cooking Stoned TV.

Below, you’ll learn about the many foods you can grow in your kitchen from leftover scraps. If you’re diligent and follow through with the basic care of the plants, you could potentially save yourself and your family quite a bit on annual grocery expenses.

While composting your scraps is another intelligent way to utilize your leftovers and ensure they don’t go to waste (like 40% of the food Americans take home), growing your scraps is another option that can benefit your whole family.

And finally, if you’re still not sure eating healthy is worth the effort the extra bit of expense, we recommend you check out the previously published article “How To Eat Healthy For Only $1 More Per Day”. Truly, care taken in the present will safeguard you against many emotional traumas and physical ails in the future.


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