These Designs and Ther Meanings Should Be Tattooed On Your Mind

Conservatives, more often than not, frown upon the sight of people clad in tattoos. What those guys don’t know is that tattoos have a deeper meaning behind them than just eye candy. Here are  some of them:

1. Egyptian Tattoo

1-egyptian-tattooIt is believed that Egyptians create designs on the dead bodies of their loved ones to communicate with their gods and forefathers.

2. Tiger Tattoo

2-tiger-tattooThis design is associated with power, ferocity, beauty & speed, and passion & sensuality.

3. Tree Tattoo

3-tree-tattooAny design that depicts trees or nature in general speaks of the link between man and nature, symbolizing birth and the life cycle, as well as procreation, death, and rebirth.

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