These Cute Pandas Are Having The Time Of Their Lives [Watch]

WARNING: Cute videos below.

Credit: Chengdu PAW

Credit: Chengdu PAW

Sometimes, everyone just needs to take a break from the daily influx of horrible news and watch a few feel-good videos of pandas doing silly things.

Pandas are bears found only in China that are endangered because of habitat loss caused by humans and hard-to-predict breeding patterns that cause fewer young to be produced. The few young that humans are lucky enough to see are actually the cutest ever, though, and we’re pretty sure that’s a certifiable fact.

In the wild, it’s estimated that there are about 2,000 pandas left and there is speculation that the population is increasing due to conservation efforts. This has caused their status to be changed from endangered to vulnerable.

Here are some more fun facts about pandas:

  • A group of pandas is called an “embarrassment”
  • Pandas can poop up to 40 times per day
  • Panda researchers have to wear panda suits to interact with cubs in order to ensure their future safety in the wild
  • Female pandas are only fertile for up to 3 days each year
  • The Giant Panda spends 55% of its life collecting, preparing, and eating bamboo
  • Bamboo makes up 99% of their diet
  • Pandas have lived on Earth for 2-3 million years
  • All pandas in the world are on loan from China and when a baby panda is born, it must be shipped to China by FedEx to help expand the gene pool
  • Pandas have one of the highest bite forces of any carnivore, despite the fact that it is mostly herbivorous and doesn’t need the strong bite for securing prey
  • Bamboo is so nutritionally poor that they have to eat anywhere from 40-80 pounds to meet their needs
  • It appears to use no special resting place, but simply lies down on the ground wherever it happens to be

Below are two videos; one depicts panda cubs playing on the slide and the other shows clingy panda cubs that will do anything to not have to take their medicine. Enjoy!

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