These Clever Dolphins In Georgia Have The Most Unique Hunting Technique [Watch]

These dolphins use a technique that is exclusive to their region.

Credit: Coastal Care

Evolution is an amazing thing that, although somehow disputed despite scientific evidence and real world examples you can see everyday, has helped today’s animals and humans adapt to our surroundings and survive better wherever we choose to live. This is most evident in wild animals, whose primitive techniques and unique physical adaptations actually provide great insight into how far they have come in the millions of years that these animals have been on Earth.

One great example of this are the dolphins that live near Savannah, Georgia who have exhibited unique behaviors when it comes to hunting. Though you’ve probably seen dozens of videos of dolphin pods hunting together, often herding?a group of fish like sardines into a tight pack while they take turns diving into the group to eat, the method that dolphins in Savannah use is a bit different.

Instead of corralling the fish out on the open water, the dolphins hunt near the shores in an effort to corner the fish against the shallow part of the water. The dolphins then gather as a group and beach themselves onto the shore, grabbing fish as they go and inching closer to the land in an effort to snatch flopping fish on the sand. Though this comes with the risk of beaching oneself, the dolphins are so well-adapted that it’s often easy for them to push themselves back into the water to have another go at the fish.

Watch the Discovery Channel’s video below, which captures the amazing feat in action.

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