These Are The Most Difficult Places To Travel To In The World [Watch]

Pack your bags, because it will take weeks to reach these destinations.

Due to the advances in modern technology, it’s now possible to travel almost anywhere in the world – if one has the money. But some locations, such as Muchu Chhish in Pakistan and Gangkhar Puensum in Bhutan are nearly inaccessible, even to the most experienced travelers. In the video below, produced by RealLifeLore, the most difficult places to travel to on the entire planet are shared.

It’s revealed that the most difficult places to reach, unsurprisingly, are mountain peaks. The island of Pitcairn in Tahiti, for example, takes approximately one month to reach. The closest airport is over 500 km away and a boat travels to the island only once every three weeks, relays Gizmodo. Reportedly, only 49 people live on the island, and the majority who do are descendants of Tahitians. The mountain peak of Annapurna, as well, is inhabited by only 191 people and that’s because one in four people who attempt to reach the top die.

The following video reveals the toughest places to travel to in the world:

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