These 8 Photos Will Make You Rethink Checking Social Media Today

This photo series will cause you to rethink how often you check social media and what you could be missing by wasting time on your phone.

Credit: Chelsey Hale

Credit: Chelsey Hale

It’s no secret that the average American checks their phone way too much, but just how many times a day are they mindlessly picking it up to check the latest updates on social media?

According to the latest research from Informate Mobile Intelligence, people in the U.S. now check social media about 17 times per day. That’s once for every waking hour of the day, and for those who sleep more than 7 hours at night, that’s more than once per hour.

This is alarming, considering all of the things there are to do in the world recreationally and for work, and it’s also concerning because so much of our time on social media is spent influencing our time not on social media.

In the following photos shot by Chelsey Hale, you can see everyday people spending the majority of their time on their phone and allowing their interest in online popularity affect other major parts of their life.

The photographer was inspired after she wrote a senior paper on the subject of social media and wanted to create a visual portfolio of the data. View the following photos to see the original words behind Hale’s images.


Credit: Chelsey Hale

Credit: Chelsey Hale

“The reality of this image is just absolutely sickening. The amount of videos that are uploaded every single day to Facebook or YouTube of people fighting and not a single person attempting to break it up is just revolting. Watching someone get physically hurt and doing nothing to stop it is just completely immoral – and it is extremely scary to think about how many people are capable of such.”

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