These 17 Foods Are Banned By Other Countries, Yet Americans Are Still Eating Them

All 17 of these items found in food products are banned in other developed nations, but Americans keep eating them because they don't know the health risks.

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If major foods are banned in other developed nations because of serious health risks, why is it that America has yet to ban them as well?

The answer is likely that those products are made by huge corporations who donate large sums of money to Congressmen and women who then turn around and crush bills that suggest banning the products.

So much for democracy.

The alternative option Americans have for avoiding dangerous food products is by educating themselves and banning those products from their own diet. They can also inform their friends and family so that maybe, someday, enough people will refuse to consume the product and the corporations will have to make a change.

It’s a shame that it has come to this and that America’s system of democracy has been so obscured by money in politics that the health of our nation’s citizens is in the balance, but it’s important to make personal changes in your own life before you can effect change in everyone else’s.

Here’s a list of 17 foods that are banned by several nations worldwide and that Americans should cut from their diet.

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