These 15+ Photos From Hurricane Harvey Reveal The Devastating Power Of Nature

The stories that accompany the photos range from tales of tragedy and sadness to rescue and generosity.

Over the weekend, a Category 4 hurricane named Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas, United States. In some areas, there was rainfall up to 50 inches. This resulted in flooding which, along with winds gusting up to 95 km/h and tornadoes, absolutely devastated parts of the state. So far, at least 9 lives have been lost.

Since the natural disaster made landfall at Rockport, Texas, on August 26th, people have been sharing harrowing images online. Their stories range from tales of tragedy and sadness to rescue and generosity.

Following is a list of 10+ unbelievable photos from Hurricane Harvey, which were compiled by Bored Panda. Hopefully, they will provide insight as to how powerful nature is — and why mankind must adopt sustainable habits to prevent climate change from worsening (a phenomena scientists say exacerbated the natural disaster).

If you would like to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner set up an emergency relief fund which can be found here.


#1 A Dog Named Otis Is Walking Around Sinton Tx Carrying An Entire Bag Of Dog Food With Him

Credit: Tiele Dockens

#2 A Furniture Store In Texas Provides Shelter And Food For Hurricane Victims

Credit: gangbangkang

#3 This Policeman Worked Countless Hours Helping Victims Of Hurricane Harvey Until He Passed Out From Exhaustion

Credit: colby979

#4 “My Friends Out Rescuing People And Pets In Houston Today And Taking A Break For Donuts. Closed Unfortunately. Good People!”

Credit: Cperies

#5 Dog Hanging On During Houston Flooding. She Was Rescued!

Credit: opplesandbanonos

#6 Seniors In La Vita Bella Nursing Home In Dickinson Texas Waiting To Be Rescued

Credit: Trudy Lampson

#7 America 2017 In One Picture

Credit: rangerman8

#8 Floater Baby – Mother Who Was Waiting For Rescue During The Hurricane Shared A Picture Of Her Baby Floating In A Large Plastic Container

Credit: GallowBoob

#9 Joe Garcia Carries His Dog Heidi From His Flooded Home

Credit: David J. Phillip

#10 Texans Refuse To Leave Pets Behind As They Flee

Credit: Reuters

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