There´s No Glory In War

Personal story highlights pointless loss of life in World War One

This family story, ´My Dad and Uncle were in World War One´, is a reminder that there is no glory in war. As English poet and author Heathcote Williams illustrates with his family history, war means death, destruction, misery, and pointless loss of life on both sides.

The video is a reminder of Armistice Day´s original meaning: to remember the horror and pain of war, and to say “never again”.

Watching this video, it´s easy to wonder what Heathcote´s family members would think of the way we`celebrate´war today. Would they see it as a slap in the face that their memories are being used as propaganda for our continuing illegal oil wars? That Armistice Day is now used as an army recruitment fair? Wouldn´t they have wanted us to fight for peace in their name, rather than war in our name?

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