There’s A Website That Matches You With Rescue Dogs And It’s Perfect

Your perfect dog could be just a click away.

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Going to shelters to find your ideal rescue dog can be difficult, especially because being faced with so many dogs in need of a home can be daunting. While it’s really helpful to physically visit a shelter to see all of the animals that are available, some people find the prospect discouraging and avoid it at all costs. Some people also wind up picking a dog that doesn’t quite fit with their lifestyle, and that’s where Paws Like Me comes in.

Paws Like Me is a fairly new website that promises to match humans with their perfect rescue dog based on how they answer a series of questions. Whether it’s through the Quick Match or the Full Quiz, the search results bring up dozens of dogs near you that would be ideal for you and your lifestyle.

This site is great because it takes all of the guesswork out of picking a dog when in doubt about a dog’s personality traits. Dogs at rescues tend to be more stressed and don’t act like themselves in the short amount of time that potential adopters spend with them, making it difficult to make a proper match. With the online descriptions on Paws Like Me, people can more easily see which personality and energy types will work best with them.

“After running a rescue group for eight years, I knew how much people struggled with identifying the right pet for their family, and unfortunately, there isn’t much guidance available beyond traditional breed characteristics,” CEO and cofounder Elizabeth Holmes told Tech Insider.

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Since an alarming amount of animals that are adopted are returned back to shelters, something that can be traumatic and heartbreaking for them, it’s best to make the process as accurate as possible the first time around.

One of the most important factors in picking the right dog is to determine what your own energy level is. Some dog breeds are very high energy and don’t do well in small housing arrangements, but the abundance of mixed breeds means that any dog is fair game when it comes to matching with humans. The full quiz, which is comprised of 39 questions, is comprehensive and the algorithm is sure to match you with the perfect canine companion.

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