There Are Five People In Her Family, But She´s So Happy They Swapped Their Big House For This

Positive, practical advice for living in a small or tiny home

We love small homes for their cosiness, originality and price tags, but what´s life really like living in one? Don´t they feel a little suffocating? And what if you have a big family, surely such a small space would be impossible to share? According to vlogger Talya Rose, who has two small children, a husband and a sister living with her, the only problem is having just one bathroom. “But that´s a first world problem,” Talya points out. “I can´t complain.”

Talya decided to quit her job to raise her kids, and her husband is a teacher. “Living on a tight budget is not easy but it doesn’t mean scraping by or having no fun. We love our home and downsizing has been a great move for us.”

The keyword here is downsizing. Talya admits her 850 square feet house isn´t considered a “tiny home”, but as she points out, “it´s tiny for a family of five.” You can´t argue with that. The interesting thing is how happy this lady seems about this major lifestyle change, talking about the benefits of small homes from a positive and inspirational perspective. This is an insightful video for anyone thinking of building a small/tiny home, or even just downsizing from a bigger house to save money. The message is stop worrying and just do it!

Talya made another video giving some great tips and advice.

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