The US Election IS Rigged: Both Parties Caught Breaking Election Laws

With both parties caught in attempts to commit voter fraud, it's anyone's guess how this crazy election will turn out.


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Lately, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been very vocal about the Presidential election being “rigged” against him. However, it appears that people in both parties are turning to illegal activity and voter fraud to make sure their chosen candidate gets elected. As True Activist recently reported, a NC Republican headquarters was firebombed and vandalized in an act “political terrorism.” It turns out, however, that this particular Republican party office was, perhaps inadvertently, committing a serious election felony. An NC Republican spokesman told multiple sources that the burned office had contained completed absentee ballots, which were destroyed in the attack. Yet, NC election law says that holding onto completed absentee ballots is a crime.

North Carolina election law states:

§ 163-226.3. Certain acts declared felonies. (a) Any person who shall, in connection with absentee voting in any election held in this State, do any of the acts or things declared in this section to be unlawful, shall be guilty of a Class I felony. It shall be unlawful:

(6) For any person to take into that person’s possession for delivery to a voter or for return to a county board of elections the absentee ballot of any voter, provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply to a voter’s near relative or the voter’s verifiable legal guardian”

Though what really happened at the NC Republican party office is still unknown, what remains to be seen is whether the integrity of the state’s electoral results could be affected as a result of the attack. It is also unknown at this time if this practice is also being implemented by other Republican party offices in the state or in other states with similar election laws.

Not to be outdone, Democrats have also been busy committing election felonies of another stripe. A recent exposé by Project Veritas showed shocking hidden camera footage of Democratic operatives planning the execution of voter fraud in the general election. The hidden camera footage shows Democratic operatives, who were on the payroll of both the DNC and the Clinton campaign, talking about how they are organizing voter fraud in key swing states.

In one example, Scott Foval, national field director for the liberal advocacy group “Americans United for Change,” went into great details on hidden camera discussing how fake “shell companies” are used to provide fraudulent out-of-state voters with fake in-state work credentials, which allow them to illegally vote. They are then paid for their votes via “paychecks” from these same shell companies. Foval also discusses how organizations like this bring people in from different states using their own personal vehicles or rentals instead of using buses, which would make it easier to prove that voter fraud is taking place. Foval went on to say that this practice has been taking place for 50 years. You can watch the stunning video by clicking here.

It’s hard to say whether Republican or Democratic voter fraud will ultimately affect the outcome of the general election. However, in today’s day and age, it is naïve to continue believing that the US political system is an ideal democracy. The US has rigged elections in other countries for decades or has resorted to regime change when things didn’t go as planned. Thinking that the “powers that be” wouldn’t apply those same tactics to a US election as important as this one is a false assumption based on American exceptionalism. Regardless, this exceptional election will be one for the history books, but not because it was democratic.

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