The Tulsi Plant Can Be Used To Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water


Andrew Puhanic

Globalist Report

An exciting and new water treatment breakthrough has been announced that will now make the removal of fluoride from the drinking water supplies of the world’s poorest people more affordable than ever.

Researchers from Rajasthan University in India have discovered that the Tulsi plant, also known as Holy Basil, can be used to significantly reduce the amount of fluoride in drinking water.

At present, the most reliable methods used to remove excessive fluoride from drinking water are either too expensive or not suitable for the environments where they are needed most.

The method discovered by researchers from Rajasthan University is safe, cheap and readily available, making it an ideal alternative for communities who can’t afford to use the more advanced techniques of removing fluoride that are readily available in the West.

An experiment was conducted in the Yellareddyguda village of Narketpally Mandal. The researchers soaked 75mg of Tulsi leaves in 100ml of water that contained 7.4 parts per million of fluoride in the water.

After only soaking the Tulsi leaves for eight hours, it was discovered that the level of fluoride in the water was reduced from 7.4 parts per million, to only 1.1 parts per million.

At present, the World Health Organization recommends that the safe level of fluoride in drinking water is between 0.5 to 1 parts per million.

The dangers of drinking water that contains high levels of fluoride are well known. Some of the known side effects of drinking water that contains fluoride are dental fluorosisreduced intelligence in children and a damaged nervous system.

This new water treatment option could now provide the world’s poorest people an opportunity to remove excessive fluoride from their drinking water supplies.

However, more research is still needed to identify and validate the effectiveness of using Tulasi leaves as a means of removing fluoride from drinking water supplies.

Considering the cost-prohibitive nature of other more reliable water treatment techniques, if the Tulsi plant is conclusively proven to be effective in removing fluoride from drinking water, then we may witness a revolution in water treatment, providing options to areas where none currently exist.

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57 Responses to The Tulsi Plant Can Be Used To Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water

  1. I would love to have a few of those plants in the house!

  2. Abigail Lovecraft

    This leaves me to wonder if there are other (common) plants out there that can be used to reduce the fluoride levels in water. Perhaps, we can find a plant that completely removes all the fluoride from water. <– That would be amazing!

  3. I really love Tulsi tea and it seems as though it has a dual purpose. What’s known as a functional food! Thanks for this info

  4. what about not add fluoride into the drinking water at first place?

  5. Isn’t it absolutely crazy that we’re all trying to remove something that our government in its wisdom (joke) has added to our water supposedly for our benefit (even bigger joke)? When will they get the message and just stop poisoning us?

  6. I have always wanted to start a petition to have the flouride removed from our water (USA) but I don’t know how to get it started. Maybe an idea for someone who knows how to get a petition started or some one can inform me on how to do it so that we can start the process of removing the oppressive boot of our corrupted leaders.

    • This is a great way to get a petition started and get it out there to thousands of people. Also is another good one.

    • hey!, r u thirsty?? have some water!! and remember boys and girls, six (8oz) glasses every day, is recommended for a healthier YOU

  7. You start by gathering your facts (research), then you reach out, talk to post, hold mtgs, go door to door to spread the word and get your party started!

  8. Do you toss the basil after soaking, or has the fluoride been converted to something harmless?

    • I think you toss the basil and soak again to get the levels down even farther…how about zero….

  9. @Carol – as to why we do it in the first place, there was an abundance of the toxic residue of aluminum processing and no way to dispose of it, so some Alcoa-funded scientists started researching, and discovered that there was SOME evidence that in areas with naturally fluoridated water there was a lower incidence of dental caries (cavities). Voila! Based on that, they sold a shit-ton of fluoride to the toothpaste makers, and got the Dental Association to endorse the process. (insert conspiracy theory heckling as you like) Once it was revealed to also diminish cognitive function and make people manipulable, politicians endorsed fluoridating water supplies. Don’t believe it’s a conspiracy? Look up the chemical makeup of some of the most common drugs prescribed for depression, anxiety and the like, and look up the chemical makeup of fluoride. It’s a wakeup call.

  10. I would like to listen via audio this article.İs it possible?

  11. There are 3 types of tulsi; Krishna, Rama, & kapoor. Which one removes the flouride??

  12. How about they stop adding the poison ……

  13. and then the used leaves get composted and the absorbed fluoride is released back into the system? yes? no?

  14. excuse me but did we not introduce fluoride into water in the first place

  15. Eon G. Cooper

    “The world’s poorest people.” I know that fluoridation is policy in the US, but who is poisoning the water in the rest of the world?

    • There are many different forms of fluoride, some are natural [ ] while others are introduced unnaturally. In the instance of India they happen to live in an area with naturally high levels of fluoride that comes from the ground water. There are places in the USA that also have naturally occurring levels of fluoride but for most part it is introduced through Municipal water supplies by “unnatural” [wet scrubbers from phosphate companies] means. Some cases of water fluoridation are more sinister than others.

  16. How about we just get fluoride out of the water? No one consented to having it in there.

  17. This will turn out to be like cannabis. Government will say it’s illegal, so they can still charge lots of money for the expensive way of eliminating fluoride. They will say a natural growing plant is not legal for our use.

  18. Does anyone know if I drink Tulsi as a tea, and assuming the pant was grown using regular tap water…am I getting a potent fluoride dose in my tea? Or is the fluoride remaining in the plant matter? – Epic news though! Although I really do wish they’d just stop fluoridating our water. I actually visited the chemical plant here in Western Australia where they add the fluoride :( Was sad to see.

  19. Brandon Nicholson

    Sunlight will destroy the fluoride. Glass tanks near your new solar panels?

  20. jo jindgi gena yahn pani ka value jbe malum hotha hi desart area me, ek bund pani ke keye birds sow sow km doed the hi ham log eithna be yochne ny kara hi hage ke liye planning commision world wide log kitna hi kitna pani hawa chaye hi koi is ka yogna nye bana tha hi hisa yogana kitna admi nam ka uppar ek plant planting karna hi es ka deke bal be ye karna mang tha is ke lie pakka admi honable abbdul kaalm acha admi mera dil bola raha hi abdul kaam admi pakka duniya jantha hi accha communicatior hi coordination commitee karke at list abdul kalam pakka calucation lar gya ek admi ke liy kitna oxgen chyee o is be se kitna plant ( trees) logna hi otha na karna mangthe our village wise kitna talab hi ho keda ka (villagers) talab pakka barna mang the is ka vajse at list bore well pani kabe be mile gya our farmer ku pani reghto keti badi kare gya bach log pale gya money be rotation hoga koi be un employe nye reig a kuch bath mistke rei gy tho maffe karna mera dil bath ye hai desh bare me mera vinathi sab desh ka vasi jald se jagaran ho jye tho 40 degre temputre mem powda ubal tha nye koi desh temputre 20 degre yo desh sabse balwan hoga 40 se 60 me jye tho kuch kam nye kar sakthe our abdul kalam ji ka mera fan hi koi be mera bath abdul kalme ji ku pow cha ow kalmji accha dil wala hi jo acca insan se acca kam lena ka dunia ka yasool hi at list sab country log in ku sath deow tiptur 5722102 karnatka se nagaraja setty ka vinthi hi thanks favorable reply allof people

  21. Where can I buy tulsi plants in Michigan?


    • Medicinal reference was first made in the hindu scriptures and this was how it was intended neem is another plant that is capable of reversing diabetics and has similar qualities however it use must be limited to one leaf per meal. Gandi ji loved it .

  22. This is speculative, firstly there is other research demonstrating different results (, further there is no discussion as to where the actual fluoride goes, namely in the plant or through evaporation or whatever. It is hopeful that a plant could have this quality, but more research is warranted before drawing a conclusion.

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