The Truthful Advertisement Doritos Hopes You Never See

Life is fun. It’s full of easy-to-find and yummy foods, limitless products created for the average consumer, and captivating TV shows that keep one entertained when they are done with work and have eaten their fill.


Credit: SumOfUs

Credit: SumOfUs

For those educated and aware of their actions, not so much.

Every action has a consequence, and SumOfUs – the creators of this project – really sought to drive home this message in their cheesy – yet captivating (and truthful)- mock Doritos ad.

As the 2015 Superbowl approaches, this is one commercial that won’t be displayed on the big screen. It may, however, cause fans to think twice about what they snack on.


Doritos’ parent company, PepsiCo, buys 427,500 tons of palm oil every year. Quite simply, palm oil production destroys rain forests and threatens species to the point of extinction. And because of its actions, over 1,000 Sumatran orangutans are killed every year. Having the crunchy munchies isn’t really worth it anymore, huh?

You may innocently reach for a package of the cheesy chips, drive lazy circles in your smoke-spewing chevy, or toss plastic into the regular ol’ garbage bin, but someday those actions will come back to haunt all inhabitants of Earth.

It’s time to think about how your actions today will affect your tomorrow – as well as your family and generations to come. If you’re ready to take some action, why not ask Doritos and PepsiCo to stop contributing to the deforestation of the Rain forest?

You can sign a petition at

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