The Transit Elevated Bus Paves The Way For A Greener And Faster Commute

Getting thrown under a bus won't be so bad in the future.

First exhibited by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. during the 13th Beijing International High-Tech Expo back in 2010, the project – the (TEB) Transit Elevated Bus aims to ease the congestion on the streets by allowing commuters to have a faster, cleaner, and more efficient way to move around the city with a straddling bus that moves with and above vehicles, towering over them without being a hurdle to traffic.

Photo from www.assets.inhabitat.com

Photo from www.assets.inhabitat.com

The Transit Elevated Bus is planned to have a capacity of roughly 1,200 passengers, equaling that of 40 regular buses, so when these straddling buses finally hit the streets, they should be able to free up the traffic quite considerably.

Photo from YouTube

Photo from YouTube

Occupying two lanes, the bus has a hollow lower area that allows vehicles to pass under it. The prototype is planned to have sensors to warn motorists if they’re getting too close to its exterior, which means that safety for vehicles that move with the straddling bus shouldn’t be a problem. And since it’s powered by electricity and solar energy, vehicles – especially electric cars, may soon start communicating with it in the future and take advantage of, what should be, its state-of-the-art technology.

Photo from olife.tv

Photo from olife.tv

The Transit Elevated Bus is something to look forward to as people will soon have a cleaner, much more efficient alternative to transportation once the prototype starts production. And once that happens, we will be able to redefine what getting thrown under a bus means.

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