The Top 10 Most Shameful Lies Companies Use To Market Their Products

These are the ten biggest lies companies have used to dupe unsuspecting consumers.

Credit: WholesaleUK

Credit: WholesaleUK

Everyone would like to believe that the majority of companies have the consumer’s best interest in mind when developing and marketing their products, but that’s often not the case.

As the Infographic by WholesaleUK shares below, some of the most well-known companies have used marketing ploys never proven to be true to rack in more profit and dupe unsuspecting consumers.

From Skechers and their shoes (which consumers, unfortunately did believe would help them get the body of Serena Williams) to Nestle and Coca-Cola, following are some of the most shameful lies certain companies have used in an attempt to increase profits:


Credit: WholesaleUK

Credit: WholesaleUK

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