The Rise Of The Butterfly – Great Uplift Video If You´re Feeling Disillusioned With The World

In the creation of a new world, attitude is everything...

The other day while being bombarded by the day´s headlines: war and famine, intolerance and, injustice, ecocide and genocide- I felt that familiar wave of despair, helplessness and frustration wash over me.  It´s something we all experience when we expose ourselves to too much mainstream media, but this short animation mixed with some wise words from Dr. Bruce Lipton reminded me that creating a better world is a conscious choice that each one of us can make.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist, famous for promoting the idea that our DNA and genes can be altered by our beliefs. Lipton´s groundbreaking research on this topic is documented in his best-selling book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

In this video, the maverick scientist talks about the fractal nature of reality and compares the current global awakening and the evolution of humanity to the transformation of a caterpillar. Caterpillars have 7 billion cells, each one of them representing a human on planet Earth in Lipton´s analogy. When the bugs make their transformation into butterflies, some cells die while others- the imaginal cells, of course- are responsible for building the new.

“You have two choices in life right now,” He warns. “You can retain your caterpillar status and say, ´Oh my God, the sky is falling´, and be in fear… or you can say: ´the caterpillar is gone. I´m building the butterfly´.”

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